{project room} carrie iverson
My current work incorporates both printmaking and glass, often combined into multipart installations. One of my fascinations with both mediums is their ability to retain a record of how the piece was created. I tend to approach both processes in an experimental way, letting the properties of the materials suggest and guide the content.

Conceptually my work reflects this process of transition – objects in motion, imagery submerged just below the surface, the traces of an explosion. I am interested in examining how evidence is presented, how events are reconstructed.

I often develop my pieces to change depending on how they are viewed- sometimes this is as subtle as surface engraving that appears and disappears depending on the light. By adding this level of interaction I hope to draw attention to how there is rarely one fixed visual experience but instead a series of encounters that shift depending on perspective.

Bullseye Gallery, Portland, Oregon
August 31 - November 19, 2011

"In seven installations comprised of sculpture, handmade books, handmade paper, and delicate kilnformed works, Correspondence explores the myriad relationships that are created and severed between language and objects."

Willamette Week review of "Correspondence"

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