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Shifting Perspectives
Carrie Iverson & Jeremy Scidmore
North Lands Creative Glass
March 4-13, 2014 (10 days)
(10 day class) £850

Using a scientific model of research and focused experimentation, students will learn strategies to develop new work. We will move through a series of exercises to collect, cull, produce, edit and then refine material. Processes include drawing, photography, printmaking on glass, and open-faced kiln casting of textures and found objects.

Field trips around Lybster will provide inspiration while new assignments, exercises and discussions each day will build on and refine previous skills. In addition to learning printmaking for glass and glass kiln casting, students will develop research practices and strategies for refinement that can be applied to any art form.

I also currently offer the following workshops:

Image Transfers for Kiln Glass (2-Day)

Explore this printmaking method, developed by artist Carrie Iverson for transferring images from a Xerox or laser print onto glass. The technique uses principles from lithography and results in prints composed of fine glass powder fired onto glass sheet. In the class, you will view images and examples of finished works, and following demonstrations, you will create several pieces using a variety of materials, including reactive glasses. No prerequisites.

Image Transfers Intensive (4-Day)

This expanded version provides students with additional time and projects to explore working with the process, which employs principles from lithography to transfer images from a Xerox or laser print onto glass. Projects include creating single-layer prints and a multi-layered 12mm-thick piece, incorporating alternative print processes, and investigating the color variations made possible by using reactive glasses through layers. No prerequisites.